“After months of procrastination, I finally reached out to Tony as I began to re-gain weight from a previous weight loss program. I’m now 25 pounds lighter thanks to MODA group support.”

- Robert Moscaritolo

“The MODA program is a truly sensible food plan designed for long term health and weight management.”

- Bob M.

“Regular attendance at MODA helps keep me from ever going back to a place I never want to be again.”

- Roy S.

“While every program works, none are as sustainable as MODA. I Came to MODA as a maintainer so I can stay a maintainer.”


*maintaining 50 pounds lost for almost 4 years

- Robert W.

“The food plan is easy to shop for because it’s based on real food.”

- Marg M.

“I’ve known Tony for several years now and have always enjoyed his genuine passion for all things nutrition and lifestyle. He’s got a very real world approach and is constantly coming up with new ideas, researching better ways and means. Tony traveled the road of weight loss, has truly been “there” and is doing the right things now moving forward. He is a sharing individual who believes in collaboration and I find his approach very entertaining and easy to follow, understand and execute.”

- John Hubbard

Insurance & Risk Management Executive

“My doctor couldn’t believe how my sugar levels had improved in a matter of months. I went from 178 to 133 and was pre-diabetic.”

- Tanya V.

“Passionate. Knowledgeable. Caring. These are the three words that best describe Tony Vassallo. Tony’s commitment is why I am here today – his support through my personal transformation allowed me to achieve my health goals and his advice and personal touch is ensuring that I continue on the path that I set out on. I owe Tony my deepest gratitude – and my life. – His program has helped me keep off the weight and I’ve learned a great deal from Tony and his guest speakers.”

- Drew Goursky


“I cut my diabetic and blood pressure meds in half in the first two months! Oh yeah, and I lost weight too.”

- Sandra N.

“Tony’s food variety ideas and program accountability help make sure I keep off the 60 pounds I lost. I’ve been maintaining my healthier weight for almost 4 years.”

- Enzo Addesa

Security & Risk Officer

“My sugar levels normalized in the first 6 weeks of following the MODA Plan. My doctor can’t believe it.”

- Teresa N.

“Tony is always at the top of his game whether it be sharing creative tasty and nutritious recipes or for laying out effective strategies on how best to handle challenging situations.
Through MODA, Tony’s passion for health and wellness and his genuine care stand out.  This is the reason why I am committed to sticking to what we’ve started.  The success I’ve experienced speaks for itself. Keep up the good work, and thank you Tony.  You make a difference! As a result of the program I’m back to maintaining a healthy weight.”

- Vince G.


“I’ve lost 40 pounds so far and gained my health back in six months.”

- Rob S.

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