I have a clear understanding that complacency can lead me back to a place I never want to be again.

Constant Growth

This journey will provide me with continuous wisdom and personal growth.

Setting Boundaries

I live in an environment of structure, people, and places that support my lifestyle.

Accepting Setbacks

I have only positive self-talk so my past will not hold me back from my future.


I have a healthy relationship with food.


I’m HONEST to myself regarding my food intake and quantities.

Be Fearless

I have the strength to persevere.

Belief (in a better me)

I am deserving and able to achieve a healthy weight forever.


 I unconditionally yield to change.

The MODA Framework

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I Care About MY Health and MY Wellness.

I Eat Real Food In Controlled Portions at Proper Intervals.

I AM The Priority.

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