Man on a Nutrition Mission!

Tony is constantly striving for the latest information in the world of nutrition, obesity and addiction. He’s always networking with other wellness experts in the know

“Never stop learning; when we stop learning, we stop growing.”

-Loyal Jack Lewman

From Left to Right from Top: Tony with Taylor LeBaron author of How I cut Myself in Half, With Rose Reisman is one of today`s leading authorities on the art of eating and living well. She has had a long, illustrious career as a chef, author, motivational speaker, columnist and TV personality, with Mark Bittman is an American food journalist, author, and former columnist for The New York Times, with Jason Tetro Microbiologist & author of The Germ Code and The Germ Files,  With Dr. Vera Tarman author of Food Funkies & Founder of Addictions Unplugged & Dr Nicole Avena Neuroscientist & author of Why Diets Fail, with Damon Gameau Director of That Sugar Film, with Dr. Robert Lustig Pediatric Endocrinologist & author of Fat Chance & The Hacking of the American Mind, With Susan Pierce Thompson author and founder of Bright Line Eating

Former Fat Guy


Man on a Nutrition Mission™

by Jason Marsh Larouche

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