Frequently Asked Questions

I love food, will this work for me?

We all love food… that’s how many of us (me included!) got overweight in the first place. The MODA mission is to create a new relationship with food.

I have tried so many diets, why is this different?

No, the program is open to everyone. Men, woman or come as a couple or bring a buddy.  Tony is a specialist in weight loss for men, dedicating most of the last seven years helping guys get it.

We will work with most dietary restrictions. Contact us for details pertaining to your personal situation.

Is your health your utmost priority? It’s important to look after yourself. After all, if you don’t, how will you able to take care of those around you? This applies to your loved ones as well as to your career and our passions. And with our remote one-on-one support, even the busiest person can find the time: There is no excuse.

Oh yes, cravings. Been there, done that! One of many things you will learn on the MODA Plan is how to deal with your cravings. Everyone is different. Every problem has a solution, and we will help you deal with those cravings. At MODA it’s our mission to help you resist foods that “call your name” until you don’t desire them anymore..

MOST DEFINITELY! That’s what I did. In fact, starving ourselves is the worst thing we could do. It screws up our metabolism, putting us into starvation adaptation mode. During my journey of losing weight and getting healthy, I took photos of most of my meals. The main reason I did this was so I wouldn’t forget my healthy culinary creations. I could simply tap into my photo diary down the road if I ever got bored. Ironically, I never did — I just kept on creating more healthy meals. These photos are the real thing: no food stylists or editing, just the “real meal.” Take a look for yourself

YES. Our body needs carbohydrates to function at optimally They are the main fuel source, or macronutrient, our body needs. By eliminating or restricting complex carbohydrates (the good carbs), you will get sluggish, affect your ability to think, and this will cause you to crave even more carbohydrates. The tendency after restricting carbohydrates is to crave the unhealthy simple (bad) carbohydrates. So no need to fear, you can eat carbohydrates and still lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight. Now, I’m not talking cookies or cake. I’m referring to true whole grains and all fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates provide necessary nutrients the body needs and the fibre that will help keep you full and work with you to help you lose weight. If you’d like to better understand good carbohydrates and how to properly time their consumption,

There is no need for any crazy blow-your-brains-out workout regime. I recommend that you just move. In others words, start going for a walk every day, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park further away from your destination. Walks can be as little as 10 minutes. In order to lose weight, one must address the plate. Weight loss is primarily nutrition and attitude. Physical activity will certainly expedite your weight loss and it has many other benefits, including better sleep, better brain function, assistance in managing cravings, and slowing down the aging process, not to mention that exercise is cheap entertainment.

First, let’s abolish the word diet from our vocabulary. So long as an individual continues to diet, he or she will NEVER permanently achieve a healthy weight.

To be successful, people must make permanent lifestyle changes. Whatever a person does during the weight loss period they must continue to do to maintain a healthy weight. At MODA it is our mission to help you get away from the diet mindset. We will move towards permanent lifestyle changes at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Is your program only for men?

I have dietary restrictions, will this work for me?

What if I have a busy schedule?

Cravings! They derail me every time. What can I do?

Can you really eat your way to a healthy weight?

Can I eat carbs?

Do I need to exercise?

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