MODA Mission

To help anyone struggling with their weight to EAT & THINK their way to a healthy weight for life.


The program focuses on the two factors required for successfully maintaining healthy weight for life: Diet and Behaviour. These are two halves of the whole required to achieving sustained weight loss success, or as I like to say, EATING and THINKING your way to a healthy weight.


On Tony’s program, he cares more about your waistline than your wallet.


Group Support

We meet every Saturday morning in the west end of Toronto. Our weekly workshop provides accountability with a weekly weigh in, education, emotional support, and the inspiration needed to achieve our goals.

Each workshop is geared towards planning, strategizing, and celebrating successes. MODA membership is geared towards men; however is open to women and Tony highly encourages participation from members’ partners.

A community of like-minded individuals who share the common interest of sustaining a healthy body weight.

While the MODA Program is mainly geared towards guys

It's a perfect place for couples too!

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