Way too many think weight loss is about cutting calories when in fact it’s about changing calories. While calories are a way of calculating dietary energy, the caloric number in itself tells you relatively nothing in terms of the quality of the calories. If you keep your calorie intake down by eating poorly (processed, refined or “diet” food) you aren’t feeding your body the necessary nutrients it needs. Restricting calories (starvation methods) is also not sustainable in the long term, which ultimately results in weight gain, typically with interest.


The MODA dietary statement is “Eat real foods in controlled portions at proper intervals.” In the early days, I encourage clients to focus on the quality and timing of food while working on portions as we go. At any given workshop, you will hear me utter these words on several occasions: J.E.R.F “Just Eat Real Food!” I’ve developed this novel concept I call the Real Food Diet. We use real food to flavor real food.


It’s been my experience in today’s world of food savvy marketing that many are unable to distinguish the difference between real food and edible food-like substances. At MODA, I cut though the confusion and make real food simple, fun and tasty.


Think your way to a healthy weight; this is challenging in today’s world of food craziness. At MODA we learn strategies and techniques to cut though the hysteria and move from living to eat to eating to live.


The behavioral (thinking part of the journey) statement at MODA is “I care about my health and my wellness.” This statement is fairly self-explanatory but, for whatever reason, looking after ourselves in our hectic world seems to fall by the wayside. Somewhat counter-intuitive, isn’t it?

At MODA, we make self-care our mantra.



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