The Myths about Exercise

February 2nd, 2019

9:30 to 10:30AM

with Mike MacKinnon

Certified Personal Trainer

Mike MacKinnon

Certified Personal Trainer

“Muscle burns significantly more calories than fat does.”

“Crunches and situps are good for reducing my midsection.”

“A good weight loss program is 20% about eating, and 80% about exercise.”

You’ve no doubt heard these – and other so-called aphorisms – regarding exercise.  You might be surprised to know that much of (most of?) what you THINK you know to be true about exercise most likely isn’t.

Is the effect of muscle mass on weight loss really all that significant?

Are any exercises good for reducing fat stores around the midsection?  Is exercise even a good strategy for this?

Should exercise even be a factor in a balanced program of weight loss?

Come hear what Mike MacKinnon, CPTN-CPT,

has to say about all this.  The answers may surprise you.

As a personal trainer, Mike has worked personally with over 400 clients in helping them to lose weight through a balanced program of resistance training, cardio, and proper eating.  He looks at the science behind effective weight loss, as well as his experience with his clients AND his own personal weight loss journey (95 lbs of fat in 2003).

If you think exercise is your solution for losing weight, you won’t want to miss this presentation!

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