Mike MacKinnon

Certified Fitness Trainer

“Tony’s is one of the Good Guys in the World of Weight Loss ”

I want you to consider my friend Tony Vassallo, and his weight loss support group at MODA Nutrition. Why Tony? Well, he lost 130 pounds and has kept it off ever since the summer of 2011. He’s also a nutritionist with a culinary background. He knows the weight loss journey, because he’s been there. He’s lived it. His personal experience translates to him being able to help you directly with your struggles.


My clients use his food plan, the MODA Menu. In an age where every crazy “diet” is being touted as the be-and-and-end-all, Tony has a common-sense approach that works. And you never have to be hungry. It is not “low carb” for good reason. You are supposed to eat carbs—good carbs, the right ones. It is not Ketogenic/Paleo/Vegan/High Fat/Low Fat/High Protein/Low Protein/etc. It is a BALANCED way of eating, which is what really works. How do I know this? I too was a fat guy who lost 85 pounds of body fat 15 years ago.


You get the support in a community likeminded people who are SUCCEEDING in overcoming their weight struggles. Just give Tony a call. You’ll be glad you did!

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