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I never would have thought I would look forward to getting up early Saturday morning to listen to nutrition information. I am hooked to the MODA Saturday sessions with Tony; it’s a highlight of my week. The MODA program opened up my eyes about food, nutrition and weight management. I now question everything I eat and rightly so.

I have achieved my weight loss goals and maintained for almost two years—something I could never do on other programs.

The MODA way of eating and living has become contagious with my kids and grandkids too! It brings me so much joy to see our whole family reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.


Lorne L., Toronto ON


My husband and I attend MODA workshops together. The sessions are both motivational and educational. We have learned so much about food and nutrition. We are both happier, heathier and have achieved our weight loss as a bonus. The program is quite easy to follow, no speciality foods or supplements needed. I came to the program to support my husband and lost weight along the way!


Terry L., Toronto ON


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