Meet Colleen.

I have always struggled with being overweight. From a too chubby toddler to a morbidly obese adult in my mid-50s, I have spent my life trying to achieve a normal weight. I could never understand how I could be so successful in other areas of my life and totally suck at weight loss. I tried every diet, several times. I even spent $17,000 to have a lap band surgically implanted into my body. Nothing worked. I felt totally hopeless and still continued to gain weight. It wasn’t until I learned about sugar addiction and the effects it had on my brain that I was finally freed to stop obsessing on what I couldn’t do and focus on what I could.


I gave up eating sugar and sugar substitutes in all their forms. Over the course of 18 months I lost 100 pounds. But old habits die hard. In difficult emotional situations I still wanted to eat for comfort. I no longer ate anything with sugar but I ate high-fat, processed food and gained back 50 pounds. I knew I needed help to get back on track or I would regain all the weight that I worked so hard to lose.

I attended one of Tony’s meetings as a guest and was impressed by the supportive atmosphere. Tony understood me because he had been me. I knew I needed to be accountable for my weight loss to be effective. Tony adjusted the program to meet my food boundaries and made sure I was making good choices. Attending the weekly meetings always gives me the support I need to keep going and the recognition for every life change I make along the way.

The four cases of water represent 100 pounds lost that Colleen was carrying every day.

I am thrilled to say that in less than a year I lost that 50 pounds and more. My life is so different now. Tony is helping me to focus on living my life instead of focusing on the numbers on a scale.

Tony is helping me to focus on living my life instead of focusing on the numbers on a scale.

He is always kind, supportive and quick with an analogy that helps me to understand. Tony is a nutrition guru, mentor, comic, support system and, most importantly, my friend.


He has brought together a group of amazing people that I look forward to being with every week.


Colleen Yarnell, Toronto, ON

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