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By Tony Vassallo

Tony’s passion is helping others achieve healthy sustained weight loss. He has been on the journey himself and is a huge proponent of eating “real” food. He is the Founder of MODA Nutrition Inc., an author, and a documentary producer.

At age 37, Tony was classified as morbidly obese, weighing over 300 pounds with a waist size of 50-inches. At the time, Tony experienced a multitude of metabolic issues such as Type II diabetes, hypertension, gout, acid reflux, sleep apnea, constant joint and back pain. In early 2010, he began his life-changing journey of losing 130 pounds and has successfully maintained his weight loss.


During his weight loss journey, he began to help others “get it.” Tony went back to school to study nutrition and wellness at George Brown College; he spent his time researching obesity, weight loss, nutrition, and food addiction. He began to follow authors and wellness experts, learning everything he could, along the way, he became the best kind of expert — one who has been through the experience himself. For three years, Tony acted as a keynote speaker, helping to transform the lives of the membership at the Harvey Brooker Weight Loss Program for Men, educating and inspiring hundreds towards success. It was this passion for helping others that persuaded Tony to leave a 15-year career in the IT industry, along with a revived outlook on life.



Today, Tony facilitates a weekly weight loss support group in Toronto, conducts personal coaching sessions, and has designed the MODA Weight Loss Meal Plan for his clients. He is the author of two books: “Weight Loss Never Tasted So Good,” a collection of recipes he used during his weight loss journey, and a “Weight Loss Guide to Getting Started and Staying on Track.”  Tony is the Executive Producer of “Follow Me,” a documentary film exploring the journeys of sixteen individuals who have each successfully sustained their weight for as much as 30 years. The film has been featured at the Windsor International Film Festival in November 2019.


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