Weight loss for men

By Tony Vassallo

Tony Vassallo is an authority in sustained weight loss for men. He began working with men who struggle with weight and food addiction since 2011. He currently facilitates a weekly weight loss support group in Toronto Ontario, featuring mostly guys and couples' support.


He also facilitates a monthly men’s weight loss group in Peel Region mainly made of time maintainers.


Tony offers one-on-one weight loss consultation for men that can be customized towards a client’s needs. Based in the downtown Toronto core, Tony can arrange in-person or remote sessions for those not in the area. Check Out Steve’s Story



During his weight loss journey he already began to help men GET IT. Tony went back to school to study Nutrition and wellness at George Brown College and spent his time researching obesity, men’s weight loss, nutrition for men, and food addiction for men. He began to follow authors and wellness experts, learning everything he could and along the way he became the best kind of weight loss expert for men—one who has lived through the experience himself.


This passion for helping men lose weight in a sustainable way came about from being a thriving senior member and as a weight loss nutritionist at The Harvey Brooker Weight Loss For Men Program for over 3 years as a director of member development, keynote men’s motivational speaker and educator inspiring hundreds of men towards their own weight loss success. In his time at the Harvey Brooker Weight Loss Program for men he significantly contributed a drastic improvement in the retention of members and their weight loss success.


Tony has realized there is not a one-size-fits all approach to sustained weight loss for men. Unlike other programs that create ONE solution for everyone, MODA Weight Loss Meal Plan provides the flexibility to suit the client’s needs. While some guys jump all in right off the bat, others will move in stages at a pace they are comfortable with. Hence the Better Than Before approach to lifestyle change at MODA. In fact the slow and steady approach has shown to be the most sustainable method for men.

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