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I was very physically active in my twenties and thirties

Among the greatest enemy of success is procrastination

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With the correct amount of diet and exercise, I was able to maintain a healthy weight for most of that time. But in the last ten years, as the weight continued to creep up, I lost my way. In the past, I was able to sweat it off but that was working anymore. A work colleague was able to lose 60 pounds without any exercise under Tony’s guidance and he highly encouraged me to contact Tony.

After some procrastination, I finally reached out and Tony was kind enough to meet me at a location near my office for a consultation. I was skeptical of the approach and whether or not I could do this. I figured “What do I have to lose?” I was done feeling this way and deep down inside it did seem to make sense. I committed to personal sessions with Tony and we kept in touch between sessions via email. I followed his program fairly religiously; I mainly focused on getting rid of processed foods, eating much more whole foods and actually ended up eating more food on a daily basis! I found his food variety and recipes included in the program very helpful.

Due to Saturday commitments I was not able to attend his workshops; however, with his remote support I was able to gradually lose 40 pounds in 6 months without being hungry or “dieting”!

I’ve stayed to the program’s approach to food on a regular basis and have kept it off for two years and counting without struggling.

Tony is very genuine and his program definitely works. I’ve learned a great deal from Tony about myself and my relationship to food. I firmly believe I can keep it off. I’ve kept in touch with Tony to help stay on track and learn new healthy meals. Thanks to MODA, I’m back to a healthy weight. I have a vitality I have not experienced in a good dozen years and am rediscovering all outdoor activities with friends and my spouse I could not do before. Thanks Tony!


Kevin K.,

IT professional

Mississauga, ON


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