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Here’s to MODA! A Story of Relapse Turning into Recovery

For me, like so many people, maintaining a significant weight loss is a constant struggle. Five years ago, with the help of a men’s weight loss program, I lost over 175 lbs. Nearly half of my 370-lb frame disappeared in about 15 months. Little did I know at the time, this would be, by far, the easiest part of my journey.


370+ lbs in September 2011

In the ensuing two years, the realities of life gradually took over in ways I could never have imagined. The resulting stress from a failing business while providing constant care to a parent slowly dying of dementia led to a 70-lb weight gain. It took me almost a year to even realize what was happening.

It took another year of denial to finally ask for help

That’s when I made the call to Tony and admitted I needed help. I attended my first MODA meeting in April 2017 and knew immediately I needed to be here. I signed up that day. While the basic elements of the program were familiar to me, there were several key differences from what I had done previously to lose my weight. I quickly learned that losing weight the second time is much tougher. Attitudes and mindsets change. My goals are different now. I have different priorities then I did when I first began this journey.

MODA focuses on living a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way that accommodates life’s daily obstacles.

The Ride To Conquer Cancer in June 2018

Jim skydiving

Through Tony’s guidance and the support of my newfound MODA family, I have been able to lose 50 lbs of that 70 lbs I had put back on, notwithstanding a few bumps along the way.

Thank you, Tony. Thanks, MODA


Jim Crosby Oshawa, ON

Project Manager

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