Meet Ian.

Making Myself The Priority

I' ve been a MODA man for 6 months and am proud of myself for making the decision to join the community.  Understanding, accepting and living the 9 pillars, along with Tony’s pragmatic, honest and authentic approach to this lifestyle change (NOT a diet!!) have been fundamental to my success.  The program is what you make of it, and help from Tony and members of the group available as you want.

I’m down 50lbs already because quite simply, I take time to care about what I’m eating.

Among the greatest enemy of success is procrastination

Stop Thinking about Losing Weight

Let’s Start seeing Less of you

MODA is the Most Sustainable Way to Lose Weight & Keep it off


I’m very confident my I’ll achieve my goal weight in the coming months….which is when the real work will begin!


Ian, Toronto ON

Management Executive

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